James Lloyd

James Lloyd

PERITECHNON Karteris art gallery is proud to host the first solo exhibition in Greece by the award-winning British artist, James Lloyd. As part of this presentation, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy large, medium and small scale works painted with oil on canvas. James Lloyd has left his mark on the art scene with many solo exhibitions across Europe and in various parts of the world. In addition, he has created many portraits of distinguished Britons, including the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. He has won the “BP” portrait award as well as other awards, cementing his reputation as one of the most important artists of our time.

The exhibition opens its doors to the public on Saturday 14 October 2023 at 12:00 noon at 5 Herodotou Street in Kolonaki and will last until Saturday 4 November

James Lloyd, renowned for his ability to capture the ephemeral nature of life through his art, presents a collection that delves into the human experience.

James Lloyd’s work is characterized by his ability to evoke emotion, thought and engage viewers on multiple levels. His mastery of color, texture and form invites attendees to contemplate the nature of life while celebrating its fleeting beauty.

The artist himself will be present at the opening of the exhibition, providing visitors with a unique opportunity to meet and discuss with him. Art lovers, collectors and the general public are invited to visit this extraordinary exhibition.

Kostas Garifallos

Kostas Garifallos

June 15 until July 15 2023

Kostas Garifallos tours and observes the island landscape. He feels it and runs through it like a living and constantly mutating organism, defined by his memories and presences, the hours of the day and the seasons, the proximities and distances from the foci of the gaze. However, the positions and attitudes that the painter himself takes towards everything he wants to express each time, depending on his mood and communication needs, gain importance.
In other words, the question in this case is not the landscape and the abilities of the particular artist to render interesting aspects of it, but to express his own personal psyche, with the landscape as a cover.
Trying various materials and design ways of rendering some characteristic details from nature, Kostas Garifallos treats each visual aspect with moods of his own psyche. It decodes nature through the fluctuations of the light, as well as the winds that reveal its mysteries and paradoxes. It is a rocky nature, with harmonizing juxtapositions, with dry branches and saltiness, fluidity and unexpected situations, accompanied by various color intensities and recessions, which activate the earthly as well as the metaphysical element, as well as the semantics that emphasize human interventions and the ephemeral, through nostalgia and existential loneliness.
Kostas Garifallos does not describe nature. He gives birth to it and recreates it, each time new, almost similar, but always different. His own landscapes function like the shells of seashells. Sometimes they seem familiar, but hermetically closed and mysterious, sometimes they appear half-open in interpretations and sometimes again revealingly open and ready to welcome the reader and viewer into their arms, so that he, in turn, disarms himself and leaves himself to the psychodynamic bliss that these landscapes they offer him, activating his imagination and reflection, around the visible and invisible things of nature and life.

Athena Schina
Historian of Art and Theory of Culture (EKPA)


Christina – Evdokia Kalogeropoulou

“How could life flow within the fleshy, human microcosm if we had on our side ‘sworn’ allies, powerful, fighting and multidimensional, futuristic mechanisms – Living Beings – products of a MUTATION -, who at any moment could be placed at our disposal as defensive and sometimes offensive weapons? As danger detectors, harbingers, and vigilant reminders, shields of protection, and our precious talismans in the service/protection of the fragile ‘Self’ and the wounded, mortal,
our self-referentiality?

Inserted limbs on the human body, often worn, selected parts, detached, functioning autonomously or interactively, the special ‘creatures’ of Christina Evdokia Kalogeropoulou, with a metallic heart, and an imposing appearance, which distinctly refers to recognizable archetypal forms derived from living beings, from the animal kingdom or marine life, star in an interesting situation defined, of course, by the element of paradox.

At the intersection between a rudimentary realism of form and a lively and daring science fiction, these otherworldly creatures, sculpted from symbolism, cause and causality, invade our reality, destined to embrace the human body while aiming at the human soul and the human mind. With their metaphysical properties, they decisively intervene in human consciousness and develop interactive connections with thoughts and emotions. They reflect mental states, recall fears, bring to life desires, sounds, voices, hopes, and dreams.

And just as they retrieve memories, they have the power to heal trauma. Then, as they heal wounds, these creatures lead people through the various preceding processes to reach the path of their own ‘inner mutation,’ underscoring the tragedy of human existence, as well as the value of
the path. Perhaps these creatures ultimately end up in this constructed condition of ours as the central regulators of things.”

Nikolena Kalaitzaki

Art Historian, MA Journalist, Member of AICA Greece
(Greek Section of the International Association of Art Critics)


Christina Evdokia Kalogeropoulou was born in Athens in 1995. She is a Sculptor, Visual Artist and member
of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece.
In 2019, she graduated with honors from the “Athens School of Fine Arts” from the art department,

with an Integrated Master, under the supervision
of Professor Aphrodite Liti.
In 2017, she studied abroad for one semester
at Bellas Artes Universidad de Granada in Spain.
In 2016, she participated in a voluntary work program for children with special needs (PWD) at “KEFIAP” Kalamata. In 2018, she did her Internship, in the “Art as Therapy” program for people with mental illnesses,

in the “Ippokratis 1” Structure, EDRA.
From 2018 to 2019 she worked in the art space,
Free ART and in the workshop of Plaisir Durable.
From 2019 to 2021 she worked as an art teacher
at the Greek-French School “St Joseph”.
In 2020 she worked as an adult teacher
at Korkodilos Athens Ceramic Classes and Workshops. In 2021 she founded her own brand of handmade
art jewelry called “Evdokia”.
In 2023 she created her new professional art space ̈PLANITES Art Space ̈, in which works of sculpture, painting and art jewelry are manufactured and exhibited.

Maria Razi

Maria Razi

Maria Papachristou Razi, is a visual artist who is in a category by herself! I mean that although she is far from public relations and intense exposure from the relevant media, she is nevertheless very active and consistent with her work. With many solo exhibitions, mainly in Athens, she always makes her presence particularly noticeable. She started her works with a mixed technique, using collages with fabrics always mixed with acrylics and paints of many colors… In her latest work, which she now presents at the PERITECHNON Karteris gallery, she only has paintings and while previously the protagonists of her works were animals and birds now there is also a strong human element. Everyday modern images, always in nature, emerging through leaves, trees, branches, children, adults, drinking their coffee, girls in their jackets walking… Maria Razi has her own personal way of filtering the reality. She has found her own communication codes! To make use of the everyday and the unexpected! But always, always modestly, discreetly and above all dreamy!

Evi Kyriakopoulou

Gerasimos Kanakis

Traces of the spiritual

Gerasimos Kanakis was born in Athens in 1974. He studied in the Athens School of fine Arts (2008-2013), where he was taught painting by Tassos Christakis and Yannis Kondaratos, printmaking by Vicky Tsalamata, fresco painting and portable icons by Pavlos Samios and mosaic by Daphne Angelidou. He has also studied graphic design and journalism. He often designs and illustrates various publications and he also paints portable icons and murals. He has participated in many group shows. This exhibition at the PERITECHNON Karteris art gallery is his second solo show. He lives and works in Athens.




Opening: Thursday 16 June 2022, 16.00 – 22.00
Duration of exhibition: 16 June – 16 July 2022

Iliana Kyriakidou was born in Athens. She is a painter, Visual artist, member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece, and special educator.
In 2022 she graduated from the 2-year Postgraduate Program of Special Education of the University of Nicosia.
In 2019 she graduated with honors from the Athens School of Fine Arts from the Department of Fine Arts, with a degree in Painting and professors Aristotelis Tzakos and Georgios Harvalias. Arts.
During her studies, in 2013 – 2018 she also attended the special courses of Plan 2013-14 with Professor Georgios Kazazis and Mosaic from 2014-2017 with teacher Daphne Angelidou and Art Teaching in Secondary Education.
In 2002 she graduated from Vakalo Art & Design College with a degree in graphic design.
From 2019 until today she works as a teacher of design, color for children and adults of the Cultural Center of the Municipality of Papagou-Holargos. In her workshop she prepares children for art schools. She has participated in several group exhibitions.
This is her first solo exhibition in PERITECHNON KARTERIS ART GALLERY.

Efthimis Malafouris

“Geometric routes”

Opening: Tuesday 10 May 2022, 12.00 – 22.00
Duration of exhibition: 10 May – 4 June 2022

Born in Athens in 1981.
From 2000 to 2003 he studied Graphic Design at Middlesex University, where he distinguished himself.
Under the guidance of professor and artist Vangelis Andreopoulos, he was admitted at the Athens School of Fine Arts in 2004 where he studied painting, with professors Chronis Botsoglou and Tassos Christakis and sculpture, with professor Nikos Tranos. He successfully completed his studies and since then has been professionally involved in painting, graphic design, interior design, stage design, and book illustrations.
He taught painting at Vellios School of Art from 2012 to 2018.
Participations in group exhibitions and Art Fair: 2008 Technopolis in Gazi / 2009 Group exhibition at ASFA / 2010 12A art gallery, themed “100 Years Panathinaikos”. In the competition, he won the 2nd prize / 2010 Chryssiis Gallery / 2011 TITANIUM Gallery / 2017 MaLou Art Gallery / 2018 Art Athina with Peritechnon Karteris Art Gallery / 2019 “Modern human in time and space” Loriet Hotel Mytilene / 2020 Art Athina with Peritechnon Karteris Art Gallery / 2021 Art Athina with Peritechnon Karteris Art Gallery.
In February 2018, he had his first solo exhibition in Peritechnon Karteris Art Gallery.
In June 2019, he had a solo exhibition in C John Gallery in Mayfair, London, curated by the Art Historian Maria Migadi.