2 April until 4 May 2019

Curator: Kjell-Erik Ruud

Felicitas Aga was born in Sweden in 1968 and grew up in Norway, the USA and Germany. She studied art at the Städelschule in Frankfurt under the great Danish painter Per Kirkeby. She spent a year at the Slade in London, where her tutor was Bruce McLean.
After further studies at Vestlandets Kunstakademi in Bergen, Norway, Aga received a DAAD scholarship in 1995, which took her back to London. She completed her education at Chelsea School of Art, London, with a Master of Arts degree in 1996. Felicitas Aga was awarded the Otmar-Alt scholarship in 1999 and the Volker-Hinniger-Preis in 2000.
She has had residencies in Italy and Florida and in 2012 she received the Atelierförderpreis des Bayrischen Staates.
She lives in Germany and England and exhibits internationally.


Rena Tzolakis



Rena Tzolakis was born in Heraklion, Crete.
He studied painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts, with the teachers Yannis Moralis and Andreas Georgiadis, and engraving with Yiannis Kefallinos.
Then, in 1959, he received the scholarship from the State Scholarship Foundation to specialize in lithography at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, with Pierre Eugène Clairin, who later became an assistant.
In 1960 he settled permanently in Paris.
Along with lithography, the Art of Book is taught in the famous Ecole Estienne. In 1968 he dreaded with woodcuts (standing wood with color) the book La belle Allemande, an anonymous writer for Les Mille et Un Bibliophiles. In 1968, he also linguistically portrayed the fourth volume of Paul Verlaine’s poems and Charles Baudelaire’s 1971 Flowers for the La Nouvelle Librairie de France publications, printed at the National Printing Office of France.
In 1981, the book by Dimitris Anali Lui ici, with engravings, for the Biren publications. In 2008 the Potions of the Agreement of Liquids, by Vasilis Koumis, with engravings, for the Synergie publications. In 2012 the poems L’évidence fugace, by Dimitris Kraniotis, with drawings, for the Alain Gorius publications.
Unstoppable still continues today to create without stopping and without despising any of the techniques of visual arts. She owes its reputation to her highly successful lithographs and copper engravings, as well as some who tend to classify and impersonate artists, perhaps ignore the rest of her work. But all the creations of Rena Tzolakis are as remarkable as inspired by the same passion of revival. Oil paintings, watercolors, acrylics, pencil drawings, pastels and particularly the pastel reliefs, which are entirely his own invention and invention, are equal to his lithographs and engravings, creations of the same youthful momentum, because Rena Tzolaki, like other artists he won the time thanks to Art and remains new.
Rena Tzolakis designs and prints her lithographs and copper engravings on the presses at her Paris atelier. Renna Tzolaki’s atelier was selected by American universities and there, beside her, many students were coming to Paris to study European Thought and Art.
Rena Tzolaki taught various Painting techniques at the Catholic Institute in Paris to teachers who specialize in teaching children with particular problems.
Many of her students are always in touch with her and keep their memories intensive.
He has performed several solo exhibitions in Paris, London, Athens, Aix en Provence, Auxerre, Thessaloniki and Piraeus. He has taken part in international exhibitions such as: Venice Biennale, invited at the American Pavilion, Paris Youth Biennial, 2nd International Exhibition of Contemporary Art in London, Tondo, Saga, Le Mois de l’Estampe in Paris, May Day, Paris , Comparaisons Lounge, Grand Palace, Paris, Salon des Réalités Nouvelles, Paris, Design and Watercolor Salon, Grand Palace, Paris, Art Biennale, Frechen, Germany.

Tania Drogossi


Randomly Cast About


Tania Drogossi was born in Athens, and studied fashion design at the Veloudakis School. She set up her own studio in the world of fashion, where she won distinctions in various competitions. She was awarded first prize in the TEXTILIA Panhellenic Competition at the Thessaloniki Trade Fair, the second prize for knitware, and a commendation for textile design.
She attended lessons in free drawing and painting at the studio of Eirini Koutridou, and lessons in engraving at the ATHENS ENGRAVING CENTRE, with Dimitra Siaterli and Pino Pandolfini as her teachers. She also took lessons in painting from the artist Rania Kapeliari.
Works by Tania Drogossi are to be found in private collections in Greece and abroad. She lives and works in Athens.

Personal exhibitions
2018 ‘Randomly cast about’, Peritechnon Karteris Art Gallery
2016 ‘Corpus’, ENA Art Gallery

Irene Pouliassi


Born in 1989. Athens, Greece
Currently lives and works in London, United Kingdom


2017-2018 MA Fine Arts, University of the Arts London, Chelsea College of arts, UK.
2011-2016 BA Fine and Applied Arts, University of Western Macedonia, Greece.


Honorary Mention, Worldwide exhibition, Gallery Bayer, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

2019 TBA, Collaborative exhibition, Lisbon, Portugal
2019 TBA, Solo Exhibition in Peritehnon Gallery, Athens, Greece
2017 Sarkothymia, Balkan art gallery, Xanthi, Greece.
2016 Bodies under surveillance, Bust gallery, Richmond, VA, USA.
2016 Osteotopia, Florina’s national army Barracks art space, Florina, Greece.
2015 (Fe (OH)) People, Bios Gallery, Athens, Greece.


Drake’s Rejects, The Flying Dutchman, London Uk
Rituals & Identity, Ann Street Gallery, New York, USA
Prosalendi’s Britannia, Corfu Heritage Foundation, Corfu Greece
Hope 2, Battersea Arts Center, London,UK
Uniqlo Tate Lates 2018, Tate, London
Art Works of the Future, Tate Modern, London, UK .
An Elephant in the room, MAFA Gallery, London UK.

“FRIDGE” Pop up Group Show, London, UK
2nd Vietnam watercolor Biennale, Ha Noi Capital, Vietnam.
Loft Exhibition, Gallery Bayer, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria.
1st International watercolor Biennale, Pristina, Kosovo.
Stimulus, Greenhouse Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Oblivion Part 2, Teatro Nasseli, Comiso, Italy
GWANGHWAMUN international art festival, Sejong museum of art, Seoul, South Korea.
Abstract Mind, CICA Museum, Incheon, South Korea.
Oblivion, Giuseppe Mazzone Hall, Vittoria, Italy.
2nd Tirana International Watercolor Biennial, National Historical Museum, Tirana, Albania.
Echoes from the cave, Crypt Gallery, London, United Kingdom.
ABIO, Beton 7 Gallery, Athens, Greece.

Osten International Biennial of Drawing, Osten Gallery, Skopje, Macedonia.
Mini Castra, Lokarjeva Gallery, Castra, Slovenia.
Rem-brand name, Lola Nikolaou gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece.
Windows remains, Parthenon film festival, Parthenon, Chalcidice, Greece.
UNTITLED 2016, Chiostro Delle Grazie, Vittoria, Sicily, Italy.
Parasites, Cultural center of Florina, Florina, Greece.
Lust art in austere times, Isnotgallery, Nicosia, Cyprus.
Periapsis project, Cask Gallery, Larissa, Greece.
Φ.Ε.Κ, National Press Office of Greece, Athens, Greece.
Periapsis project, University of Thessaly, Volos, Greece.
V for versatility, AthensCon, Tae Kwon Do Stadium, Athens, Greece.
Breast Cancer Awareness group exhibition, Old school museum, Amyntaio, Florina.
Periapsis project, Romantso/Bios, Athens, Greece.

Periapsis Project, Lola Nikolaou gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece.
Moments, special guest of George Korbakis solo exhibition, Technochoros gallery, Athens.
Incubarte international art festival, Galleria 9, Valencia, Spain.
Rembrand Name project, Lola Nikolaou Gallery, Thessaloniki.
De-touch Re-movement, S.A.F, Santorini, Greece.
Undrained white, black color”, National Theatre of Northern Greece, Kozani, Greece.
Quar-t, Artis Causa Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece.
I dared to praise, European Cultural Centre of Delphi, Greece.
Visual laundry, public installation, Thessaloniki, Greece.
Technostihia, gallery 512, Ptolemaida, Greece.
Rem-Brand name, Technochoros gallery, Athens, Greece.
People and plinths, gallery 512, Ptolemaida, Greece.

Rem-b Rembrand-name, Lola Nikolaou gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece
Rem Brand Name project, ART ATHINA, Taekwondo Stadium, Athens, Greece.
Small canvas exhibition, Papatzikou gallery, Veroia, Greece.
Family affair, Florina museum of contemporary art, Greece.


Viki Georgiopoulou


Viki Georgiopoulou was born in 1975 in Kalamata. 1985 – 1993. Studied at the art workshop of the Municipality of Kalamata. 1999 She graduated with honors from the School of Fine Arts Athens with the teacher Chronis Botsoglou. Since 2000 she has been a teacher in primary and secondary school. She lives and works in Athens.

Solo exhibitions:
2018 “Here’s to our good health”, PERITECHNON Karteris Art Gallery
2016 “Characters and professions”, at the PERITECHNON Karteris Art
Gallery. Art works, which were the illustrations of the book, were based on texts by the Art Historian Hera – Paraskevi Papapostolou
2013 “A position in the civil service” at the GALLERY 7
2010 Kalamata chamber
2008 “Fairytales inside out” at the Choros Texnis 24
2004 Choros Texnis 24

In 2016 she illustrated the book “Characters and Professions” with the text of the Hera – Paraskevi Papapostolou. From 2009 to 2013 cover books of the newspaper ATHENS VOICE (issues 257, 339, 404, 421). She artistically designed the cover of the newspaper ECHO OF AUCTIONS, issue 12492. In 2004 Cover book of BEST OF ATHENS, published by the newspaper of ATHENS VOICE. In 2004 Worked on the costume construction for the 2004 Athens Olympiad Opening Ceremony.


Ali Gormez





Ali Gormez

Born in 1980 in Bielefeld, Germany

Lives and works in Berlin



Busy with commission  works

SOLO Exhibition Berliner Synchron WENZEL LÜDECKE

SOLO Exhibition KU 64



Musikwelten Workshop Kids

School Art class  by Artist Ali Görmez (Joan Miró school) Berlin

Exhibition Gallery Osbili

Exhibition KJ3 Living Bauhaus Kunststiftung

Exhibition mix – with 6 Different Artists Gallery



SOLO Exhibition Floor 14 Living levels Building 23. Februar

Berliner Volksbank Wittenau ( Exhibition of kids – School In den Rollbergen)

Kids workshop AM OHR DER WELT 8. – 9. Oktober


Workshop INA Kindergarten

School Art class  by Artist Ali Görmez (Grundschule in den Rollbergen)Berlin

Living levels SOLO Exhibition

Opening Gallery Osbili Berlin



Sound City Wittenberge (workshop with kids and the 2 created Artworks were given 1 of them to the City council Luckenwalde and the 2nd one is in the City council in Wittenberge)

Waldorf Astoria Building Floor 19.


Project start Living Levels ( Mural Design of 42 m2)

Sigmund Freud Private University International Congress PÄDAGOGIK IM –AUFBRUCH  VIP


Ali Görmez, Gerald Hüther, Margret Rasfeld, Arno Stern, André Stern, Erwin Wagenhofer,
Thomas Stephenson, Marianne Wilhelm, Christoph Sinnen u.v.m.
Moderation: Doris Schretzmayer



Gallery F37 (ehemals Bremer Gallery) Berlin Eddies, Freddies & Co.

Gallery Winterfeldt ( Exhibition for kids) Berlin

Art Café Golzo Berlin

School Art class  by Artist Ali Görmez (Joan Miró school) Berlin

Gallery Mashiah Arrive Berlin Colors of Görmez

Galerie F37 ( ehemals BremerGallery) Berlin Preview & Review

KREATIV TAGE BERLIN MESSE BERLIN ( Collaboration with Hobbyshop -Rüther)



Gallery Winterfeldt Berlin TRAIN OF THOUGHTS


Felicitas Aga


Felicitas Aga was born in Sweden in 1968 and grew up in Norway, the USA and Germany.

She studied art at the Städelschule in Frankfurt under the great Danish painter Per Kirkeby.

She spent a year at the Slade in London, where her tutor was Bruce McLean.

After further studies at Vestlandets Kunstakademi in Bergen, Norway, Aga received a DAAD scholarship in 1995, which took her back to London.

She completed her education at Chelsea School of Art, London, with a Master of Arts degree in 1996.

Felicitas Aga was awarded the Otmar-Alt scholarship in 1999 and the Volker-Hinniger-Preis in 2000.

She has had residencies in Italy and Florida and in 2012 she received the Atelierförderpreis des Bayrischen Staates.

She lives in Germany and England and exhibits internationally.



Aud Bækkelund


1984 – 1989 Kunsthøgskolen i Bergen, main subject
BA and MA, Bergen Academy of Art and Design, Norway

Solo exhibitions
2019 Separate exhibition, Kabuso, Øystese (23 February – 21 March)
2015 Soft links, local positions, Soft gallery, Oslo
2013 The office of dreams and digresions, Voss Kunstlag
2011 Memoratx2, Bryne kunstforening
2010 Memorandum, Kabuso Art Gallery, Foajèen, Øystese
2003 Artist Association, Oslo
Trondhjems Kunstforening
Rogaland Art Center, Stavanger
2000 RAM gallery, Oslo
Gallery G. Guddal, Rosendal
1999 Kulturhuset USF, Showroom, Bergen
1997 Seeking Old Priestyard
1989 Røros Kunstlag

Juryed exhibitions / Juried exhibitions
2018 Contextile, Biennial of Contemporary Textile Art, Guimarães, Portugal
2017 The 8th International Biennial Exh. of Contemporary Mini Textile Art “Scythia”, Kherson / Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine
The great soft moments at Finnskogen, Finnskog Exhibition, Røgden Bruk, Grue Finnskog
2016 Østlandsutstillingen, Akershus, Oppland and Vestfold Art Center, Norway
2016, 04 Vestlands exhibition, The annual Western Norway traveling exhibition
2015 Diversity & Unity, 5th Riga International Triennial, National Art Museum, Latvia
2013 (Hand) Made in …, Gallery SVÚ, Bratislava, Slovakia
Banality and Grace, Novohrad Museum, Gallery Lucenec, Slovakia
2012 Banality and Grace, Gallery SVÚ, Bratislava, Slovakia
Fiber Art from Asia and Europe, Janina Monkute-Marks Museum, Lithuania
Energheia, traveling exhibition, Montrouge, Paris-France, Venecia Italy
2011 Energheia, arte & arte, Como, Italy
2010 Essens, Art Bank Hedmark Art Center, Hamar, Norway
Essens, Gallery Svalbard, traveling exhibition, Longyearbyen, Svalbard
2009, 00, 1998, 97, 95 The annual exhibition of arts and crafts, Norway
2009 Cheongju International Craft Biennale, Korea
Matrix Natura, Montrouge Paris, Kaunas Lithuania and Venice, Italy
2008 Matrix Natura, arte & arte, Como, Italy
2007 Global Intrigue, European Triennial, Latvian National Art Museum, Riga
2002 Triennial 2002, textile fiber, Norwegian Crafts
2001 Karpit, Museum of Fine Art, Budapest, Hungary
Metamorphosis, traveling exhibition, Hå gamle prestegård, Bergen, Førde
2000 See Norwegian handicrafts, Norwegian crafts, Bergen
1999, 95 autumn exhibition, The Autumn Exhibition, Oslo

Group exhibitions
2018 Collage, Kunstgarasjen, Bergen
ODDArT, Art Festival August 30 – September 1, Odda
2017 ODDArT, Art Festival 25 – 26 August, Odda
Oss 4, Gallery Pulse, Norheimsund
2016 Contiguous, Art Garages, Bergen
2015 Agalaus Art Festival, Norwegian Art Associations, 28-31 May, Voss
5 views, Marmara Univesity, Istanbul, Turkey
Janina Monkute-Marks Museum Gallery, Lithuania
6th International EgeArt Days, Izmir, Turkey
Oss 3, Gallery Pulse, Norheimsund
2014 Between Heaven and Fjord, See, Site-Specific, Hardanger Folk Museum
Five eyes, Sandnes kunstforening
Textile x 7, Moss Kunstforening
2013 Glød, The Art House Kabuso, Øystese
2012 Kvintett, Hardanger Open, Gallery Pulse, Norheimsund
Words, Art in landscape, Fysiske landskapspark, Hardanger
Pulse network no, Banksmidja, Voss Kunstlag
2011 Kull 89, Molde Kunstforening
Hardanger- Berlin, traveling exhibition; Eidfjord, Odda, Norheimsund
Hardanger in 100, Hardanger Folkemuseum, Utne
2010 Sams, Hardanger Open, Hardanger Art Center
2009 Gallery Lille Kabelvåg, Lofoten
Encounters, Hardanger Cultural Gallery, Herand
2008 400 meters of art, Voss
Inspired, Trygve Lie Gallery, New York, USA
Inspired, The Literature House in Soul, Korea
Inspired, HT08, traveling exhibition in Hardanger
Guest from Vest, Seljord Kunstforening
2007 Power Puls, Norsk Vasskraft og Industristad Museum, Tyssedal
Gallery Syningen, Ål kunstforening
2006 Gallery Trallala, Norheimsund
2005 Flaten Art Museum, Northfield, Minnesota, USA
Fjord-born, Nordic Heritage Museum, Seattle, USA
Streif, art in landscape / site-specific in landscape, Now, Hardanger
From wreck to art, HFS, Norheimsund
2004 Ås Kunstforening
Gallery Athens, Drammen
Gallery Nils Bergslien, Eidfjord
2003 Omfalos, Department of Roman Art, Oslo
Gallery G. Guddal, Rosendal
PULS-vind-AUGO, installation in shop window, Norheimsund
Track in landscape 2, art in landscape, Tyssøy at Bergen
2002 Textile Techniques in Metal, Mobilia Gallery, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
Harding Pulse, Hordaland Art Center, Bergen
NTK’s Jubilee Exhibition, Telemark County Gallery, Notodden
NTK’s Jubilee Walking Exhibition, Mandal, Salhus
2002, 1994, 89 Kvam Kunstlags summer exhibition, Norheimsund
2001 Face to, Poselli House, Rauma, Finland
RV 245-250, Nordre Land Kunstforening, Dokka
2000 The autumn exhibition’s chosen, Sandefjord Kunstforening
1999 Atelier Lofoten, Svolvær
Hardanger Folkemuseum, Utne
1998 Gallery Ryvarden, Sunnhordland
1997 Vestnorsk Industrial Museum, Tyssedal
1993 Sunnhordland Exhibition, Stord
1992 Earth-Teikn-Jord, Unesco Art Road, Norheimsund
1989 Nordlandsfart, Nordnorsk Arts Center, Svolvær
Bryggen Museum, Bergen

Tom S. Kosmo



2002 – 2005 Kunsthøjskolen i Bergen, Department of Special. Art, Section for Graphics, 3-year bachelor program.
1999 – 2001 Nordland Art and Film School, Department of Visual Art.


Solo exhibitions (selection)

2016 Field Trip, Gallery Langegården, Bergen.
2015 The Lonely Ape, Gallery Briskeby, Oslo.
2014 The Open Source, Gallery Old Oslo.
2014 Home Ground, Bodø Art Society.
2014 Natural Selection, Gallery Norwegian Graphics, Oslo.
2014 Natural Selection, Haugesund Picture Gallery.
2013 Mezzotinter, Nordnorsk artist center, Svolvær.
2013 The Load, Gallery Langegården, Bergen
2012 Sandefjord kunstforening.
2012 Deliverance, Voss Art.
2012 The Shepherd, Press 17, Stavanger.
2011 Ape and essence. Gallery Langegården, Bergen.
2011 Gallery Apotheket, Sortland.
2009 Havmann artist Mo i Rana kunstforening.
2008 Stories. Gallery Norske Grafikere, Oslo
2007 The herd of the feline and other stories. Gallery Parken, Bergen.


Group exhibitions (selection)

2015 International Mezzotine Festival, Ekaterinburg, Russia.
2015 Norwegian Spheres, SGC International Printmaking Conference, Knoxville, Tenessee.
2015 Can the world be as sad as it seems? Where are your hopes? Where are your dreams? QBGallery, Oslo.
2015 The 69th North Norwegian Art Exhibition.
2014 State 127. Autumn exhibition. The artists’ house, Oslo.
2014 The 68th North Norwegian Art Exhibition.
2013 Sideshow Nation II, Sideshow Gallery, New York.
2013 Code Contemporary, CODE Bergen Art Museum.
2013 Code on paper, CODE Bergen Art Museum.
2013 Portrait Now! Brews Jacobsen’s portrait competition, Fredensborg, Denmark.
2012 Training nature, Printroom gallery, London.
2011 8 Norwegian Graphics, Graphics Gallery, Nøstved, Denmark.
2010 BGO Vol 1. Bergen Art Museum.
2010 European Contemporary Print Triennial, Toulouse, France.
2010 New symbolism. Artist / curator group exhibition Project Alvøen.
2010 Vestlands Exhibition 2010. Eidfjord.
2009 Plasto-baader-books. KALEIDeditions project space. London, England.
2009 Salon Alvøen. Project Alvøen, Bergen.
2009 Lessedra annual miniprint exhibition. Sofia, Bulgaria.
2009 The 62nd North Norwegian Art Exhibition.
2008 400 meter art. Art Festival, Voss.
2008 State 121. Autumn exhibition. Kunstnernes Hus and Stavanger Kunstforening.
2008 Portrait, jury exhibition Gallery Voss, Voss art team.
2007 Common exhibition graphics, Gallery Parken, Bergen.
2007 New members. Common exhibition Norwegian Graphics, Oslo.
2007 Across. Group exhibition Vilnius, Lithuania.
2007 400 meters art, art festival, Voss.
2006 Lessedra annual miniprint exhibition, Sofia in Bulgaria.
2005 Self Portrait. Common exhibition gallery Fisk, Bergen.
2002 Joint exhibition Porsgrunn Art Society, Porsgrunn Theater Festival.



Abyss Illumination


September 25 – Oktober 13 2018


She was born in Athens.
She started dealing with photography during her studies in Rome. At that time she did black and white street photography, with a Russian camera she had purchased at a flea-market.
Rome influenced her catalytically throughout her course since it gave her many stimuli and a new aesthetic approach.
When she came back to Athens, she took courses at ‘Photographic Circle’ with Platon Rivellis. She kept experimenting with new development techniques of black and white photography, until finally she discovered the fascinating world of color photography. She took her turn in digital photography and learned how to use image editing software.
She lives and works in Athens.