Dimos Skoulakis


Demosthenis Skoulakis (1939-2014), was born in Athens. He studied painting, initially with Spyros Papaloukas and for a short while next to Fotis Kontoglou. In 1957 he travels for the first time in Paris, where he became friend with Thanasis Tsigos and the Greek company of Montparnasse. In 1958 he returned to Greece and began systematic studies with Panos Sarafianos and Vrasidas Vlachopoulos. Next year, he enters the Preliminary Department of the School of Fine Arts, with the teacher Giorgos Mavroidis and in 1961 in the workshops of the faculty with Yannis Moralis. At the same time he is also watching the stage design studio Vasilis Vasiliadis.
In 1968 he travels to Paris and then to Canada, USA and Mexico. Returning to Europe in 1969, he lives and works successively in Paris (next to Yannis Tsarouchis) and then in London and the former West Berlin. He returns to Greece in October 1974. During this long wandering, he comes in contact with the artistic movements of the post-war scene and especially with pop art and the different expressions of realism.

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