Christina – Evdokia Kalogeropoulou

“How could life flow within the fleshy, human microcosm if we had on our side ‘sworn’ allies, powerful, fighting and multidimensional, futuristic mechanisms – Living Beings – products of a MUTATION -, who at any moment could be placed at our disposal as defensive and sometimes offensive weapons? As danger detectors, harbingers, and vigilant reminders, shields of protection, and our precious talismans in the service/protection of the fragile ‘Self’ and the wounded, mortal,
our self-referentiality?

Inserted limbs on the human body, often worn, selected parts, detached, functioning autonomously or interactively, the special ‘creatures’ of Christina Evdokia Kalogeropoulou, with a metallic heart, and an imposing appearance, which distinctly refers to recognizable archetypal forms derived from living beings, from the animal kingdom or marine life, star in an interesting situation defined, of course, by the element of paradox.

At the intersection between a rudimentary realism of form and a lively and daring science fiction, these otherworldly creatures, sculpted from symbolism, cause and causality, invade our reality, destined to embrace the human body while aiming at the human soul and the human mind. With their metaphysical properties, they decisively intervene in human consciousness and develop interactive connections with thoughts and emotions. They reflect mental states, recall fears, bring to life desires, sounds, voices, hopes, and dreams.

And just as they retrieve memories, they have the power to heal trauma. Then, as they heal wounds, these creatures lead people through the various preceding processes to reach the path of their own ‘inner mutation,’ underscoring the tragedy of human existence, as well as the value of
the path. Perhaps these creatures ultimately end up in this constructed condition of ours as the central regulators of things.”

Nikolena Kalaitzaki

Art Historian, MA Journalist, Member of AICA Greece
(Greek Section of the International Association of Art Critics)


Christina Evdokia Kalogeropoulou was born in Athens in 1995. She is a Sculptor, Visual Artist and member
of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece.
In 2019, she graduated with honors from the “Athens School of Fine Arts” from the art department,

with an Integrated Master, under the supervision
of Professor Aphrodite Liti.
In 2017, she studied abroad for one semester
at Bellas Artes Universidad de Granada in Spain.
In 2016, she participated in a voluntary work program for children with special needs (PWD) at “KEFIAP” Kalamata. In 2018, she did her Internship, in the “Art as Therapy” program for people with mental illnesses,

in the “Ippokratis 1” Structure, EDRA.
From 2018 to 2019 she worked in the art space,
Free ART and in the workshop of Plaisir Durable.
From 2019 to 2021 she worked as an art teacher
at the Greek-French School “St Joseph”.
In 2020 she worked as an adult teacher
at Korkodilos Athens Ceramic Classes and Workshops. In 2021 she founded her own brand of handmade
art jewelry called “Evdokia”.
In 2023 she created her new professional art space ̈PLANITES Art Space ̈, in which works of sculpture, painting and art jewelry are manufactured and exhibited.

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