Rena Tzolakis



Rena Tzolakis was born in Heraklion, Crete.
He studied painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts, with the teachers Yannis Moralis and Andreas Georgiadis, and engraving with Yiannis Kefallinos.
Then, in 1959, he received the scholarship from the State Scholarship Foundation to specialize in lithography at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, with Pierre Eugène Clairin, who later became an assistant.
In 1960 he settled permanently in Paris.
Along with lithography, the Art of Book is taught in the famous Ecole Estienne. In 1968 he dreaded with woodcuts (standing wood with color) the book La belle Allemande, an anonymous writer for Les Mille et Un Bibliophiles. In 1968, he also linguistically portrayed the fourth volume of Paul Verlaine’s poems and Charles Baudelaire’s 1971 Flowers for the La Nouvelle Librairie de France publications, printed at the National Printing Office of France.
In 1981, the book by Dimitris Anali Lui ici, with engravings, for the Biren publications. In 2008 the Potions of the Agreement of Liquids, by Vasilis Koumis, with engravings, for the Synergie publications. In 2012 the poems L’évidence fugace, by Dimitris Kraniotis, with drawings, for the Alain Gorius publications.
Unstoppable still continues today to create without stopping and without despising any of the techniques of visual arts. She owes its reputation to her highly successful lithographs and copper engravings, as well as some who tend to classify and impersonate artists, perhaps ignore the rest of her work. But all the creations of Rena Tzolakis are as remarkable as inspired by the same passion of revival. Oil paintings, watercolors, acrylics, pencil drawings, pastels and particularly the pastel reliefs, which are entirely his own invention and invention, are equal to his lithographs and engravings, creations of the same youthful momentum, because Rena Tzolaki, like other artists he won the time thanks to Art and remains new.
Rena Tzolakis designs and prints her lithographs and copper engravings on the presses at her Paris atelier. Renna Tzolaki’s atelier was selected by American universities and there, beside her, many students were coming to Paris to study European Thought and Art.
Rena Tzolaki taught various Painting techniques at the Catholic Institute in Paris to teachers who specialize in teaching children with particular problems.
Many of her students are always in touch with her and keep their memories intensive.
He has performed several solo exhibitions in Paris, London, Athens, Aix en Provence, Auxerre, Thessaloniki and Piraeus. He has taken part in international exhibitions such as: Venice Biennale, invited at the American Pavilion, Paris Youth Biennial, 2nd International Exhibition of Contemporary Art in London, Tondo, Saga, Le Mois de l’Estampe in Paris, May Day, Paris , Comparaisons Lounge, Grand Palace, Paris, Salon des Réalités Nouvelles, Paris, Design and Watercolor Salon, Grand Palace, Paris, Art Biennale, Frechen, Germany.

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