Spyros Lytras



Born at 1971 at Itea Fokidos, Greece. He studied painting at the Thessaloniki School of Fine Arts. He graduated at 1999.  Works by Spyros Lytras can be found at Municipal Gallery of Athens, at Municipals of Thessaloniki, Mykonos, Syros, Hydra, National Airport of Athens and in many private collections in Greece and abroad. He leaves and works in Athens.


2000 Gallery Zeuxi, Thessaloniki.

Gallery Helios-workshop, Thessaloniki.

2003 Gallery Paratiritis, Thessaloniki.

2004 Gallery Astrolavos “Metropolis”, Athens.

2008 Gallery PERITECHNON KARTERIS, “face to face”, Athens

Municipal Gallery of Ermoupolis, Syros.

2013   Art Athina with gallery PERITECHNON KARTERIS,

2017 Gallery PERITECHNON KARTERIS,  “The magic of memory” Athens.

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