Viki Georgiopoulou


Viki Georgiopoulou was born in 1975 in Kalamata. 1985 – 1993. Studied at the art workshop of the Municipality of Kalamata. 1999 She graduated with honors from the School of Fine Arts Athens with the teacher Chronis Botsoglou. Since 2000 she has been a teacher in primary and secondary school. She lives and works in Athens.

Solo exhibitions:
2018 “Here’s to our good health”, PERITECHNON Karteris Art Gallery
2016 “Characters and professions”, at the PERITECHNON Karteris Art
Gallery. Art works, which were the illustrations of the book, were based on texts by the Art Historian Hera – Paraskevi Papapostolou
2013 “A position in the civil service” at the GALLERY 7
2010 Kalamata chamber
2008 “Fairytales inside out” at the Choros Texnis 24
2004 Choros Texnis 24

In 2016 she illustrated the book “Characters and Professions” with the text of the Hera – Paraskevi Papapostolou. From 2009 to 2013 cover books of the newspaper ATHENS VOICE (issues 257, 339, 404, 421). She artistically designed the cover of the newspaper ECHO OF AUCTIONS, issue 12492. In 2004 Cover book of BEST OF ATHENS, published by the newspaper of ATHENS VOICE. In 2004 Worked on the costume construction for the 2004 Athens Olympiad Opening Ceremony.


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