Christina Foitou



She was born and raised in Athens, Greece. Initially she studied Pedagogy and then she continued her studies at the School of Fine Arts of Venice in painting with Professor Riccardo Guarneri and engraving with professor Mario Guadagnino. She graduated with honors.

As a teacher of arts, in both private and public educational sectors, she worked as a set designer for children and teenagers theatre performances. In 2007 she moved to Chania, Crete. She focused on painting and performance art. At the same time, she started giving art workshops for children. Her way of painting aims to create an intense dialogue with the body, whilst using it along with brushes in order to complete the art work.

The study of the body and the research of its kinesiology made her realize how the body, in general can express itself, speak louder than words, and convey various messages. This procedure got her involved with various performances, which she always implements when she feels the need to address matters and issues that concern her. She has participated in a numerous group exhibitions, like Art Athina (2016), as well as presented four personal exhibitions. Many of her art work is owned by private and public art collections in Greece and abroad. She lives and works in Chania, Crete.


Solo exhibitions

2018 From one body to another, Curator Louisa Karapidaki PeriTechnon Karteris Gallery, Athens

2017 Exodus: An act of female heroism, Curator Louisa Karapidaki Center of culture and art “Diexodos”, Messolonghi

2015 Twentynine Inhalings, Curator Ira Papapostolou PeriTechnon Karteris Gallery, Athens

2012 Room 526, Curator Konstantinos Proimos Mylonogianni Gallery Chania, Crete

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