Ifigeneia Avramopoulou



Ifigeneia Avramopoulou was born in Patras, Greece, in 1989 to a German mother and a Greek father. She was raised in Greece, where she was strongly influenced by classical painting and drawing. At the same time, modern art had a great impact on her. Ifigeneia Avramopoulou studied Fine Arts in Florina, Greece. She lives and works since 2014 in Berlin.


Berlin bbk e.V. |  Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece |  Association of Visual Artists of Patras | Artistic group EnFlo


2012 Painting Degree. She graduated 2nd with grade 9,55/10 “excellent”

2009 – 2010 Engraving lessons (Prof. Dimitra Siaterli)

2007 – 2012 School of Fine Arts, Department of Fine and Applied Arts, University of Western Macedonia- UoWM (Prof. Yiannis Kastritsis)


2009 Project: Large-scale mosaic in the church of Saint Gerasimos Iordanitou. Middle East Map at the Post – Hellenistik Era. Teamwork of students of the Department of Fine and Applied Arts UoWM, Jericho

Solo Exhibition

2017 Crucifixion, Homage to Matthias Grünewald, gallery PeriTechnon Karteris, Athens, Gr


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