Marios Polichroniadis

PERITECHNON Karteris Art Gallery presents the 4th solo painting exhibition of Marios Polychroniadis, on Thursday, March 9, 2023. Medium and small scale works painted with oil on canvas as well as with egg tempera on wood will be presented. Using the heroes of classic children’s fairy tales, Polychroniadis highlights the pathologies of today’s society. Surrealist painting with bright colours and a cheerful mood, criticises without depressing the viewer.

He notes, among other things, in the catalog of the exhibition:
… The heroes of our childhood borrow or change their roles and stories and playfully comment on modern reality.
Everyday issues such as the obsession with Social Media, the hunt for wealth and power, racism, the overexploitation of natural resources and everything else imaginable are presented pictorially, either fragmentarily or summarizing the elements of the whole of history in a project.
The cheerful mood and bright colors pique interest, giving the viewer time to read the story and come to their own conclusions…

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