Tom Kosmo – Erik Pirolt


Tom Kosmo – Erik Pirolt

The retroactive force of creation

September 26 – Oktober 26, 2019

curator Kjell-Erik Ruud


The retroactive force of creation is kind of like, how many thoughts can one have at the same time? There is no right answer, but you can resonate to an answer oneself can accept, and once this answer has been put down, then you create room for even more answers or questions. I must admit i struggle a bit whit the title of this show, there is something about these three words that play havoc deep inside of me. These three words open a microcosmos of thoughts. You try to follow down a long train of thought but end up going in circles and get thrown back to the beginning. You could compare it to a Penrose staircase (M.C. Escher). You walk up this staircase but end up at the same place you started. Or like the impossible triangle (O.Rentersvard). On paper it`s possible but not in our physical world. Erik Pirolt and Tom S. Kosmo has this power to explore and to wonder. They play around to find a possible question or answer. Of course, they come across limitations like anyone else, but the limitations doesn`t seem to stop them. They go beyond where most people would see limitations and keep on wandering. They don`t create to please, but to understand society or something inside themselves or others. When the motive is inside the artist head which then transforms into something visual, maybe that’s when it happens? the retroactive force.

Kjell-Erik Ruud
creative curator


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