Yorgos Giotsas


emerging surfaces | drifting across the human condition

Art-Athina 2019

13-16 September 2019 – Zappeion Mansion


On Friday, September 13th, Giorgos Giotsas’ solo exhibition from the PERITECHNON Karteris Art Gallery will be presented in Art Athina 2016 at the Zappeion Mansion. Medium-sized works made of concrete, pigments and resins will be presented.
Curated by Dr. Costas Prapoglou.

…For Giotsas, the works on view are imprints of non-human as well as human conditions. Suggestive of both natural and man-made landscapes, they ingeniously blur the boundaries between the real and the unreal. Gazing at his artworks, viewers progressively rehabilitate themselves not only into the contemporary natural environment but also the urban domain. Evocative of the duality and the visual polarities between natural phenomena and artificial occurrences such as erosion and corrosion, the artist pronounces the turbulent disorder of daily life whether this is intensively interconnected with the surrounding natural habitat or the dense urban milieu. At the same time, the works may be seen as extensions of human involvement; a seemingly post-apocalyptic, dystopian or even extraterrestrial setting nevertheless in a surprisingly much more familiar context to the aggressiveness of contemporary realism. Post-war and post-contamination objects in visual proximity to the artist’s pieces are extensively scattered or being salvaged from all over the planet, a collection of remnants and detritus of shameful human activity…

Kostas Rapoglou

Yorgos Giotsas lives and works in Athens and exhibits around the world.


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